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Eyelash Extensions

A semi-permanent treatment, using fibers that are glued to your natural eyelash. Giving your eyelashes an enhanced look. Wanting fuller, longer, darker lashes? There are a variety of options to choose from when selecting the set of eyelashes you want.


Eyelashes can be for everyone! We are applying fibers to your own natural ashes, with that in mind, everyone's Eyelashes fall at different rates. So Eyelash fills time can vary depending on the person. Come schedule with us,  to get the eyelashes of your dreams!

Treatment time: 1-2 hours

Sessions: Once every 2-3 weeks

Comfort: No Discomfort

Recovery Time: No Recovery Needed

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Set

Applying 1 eyelash extension to 1 natural eyelash. a very natural enhancement, and a great start if you are new to eyelash extensions. Classics, at the end of your service, are lighter in color and weight, and a subtle yet beautiful addition to your eyes.

Wispy Wet Set

Applying multiple eyelash extensions to 1 natural eyelash. A super fun and beautiful option, great for someone who has larger eyes and eyelids. This set shows a darker more vibrant lash look and lash line,  and adds more defined length to your eyelashes. A little more enhancement than the natural classics eyelash set, yet it is a favorite look for many first time eyelash extension clients.

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