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Microneedling devices are divided into two categories, cosmetic and medical. Cosmetic microneedling delivers fine, sterile needles at a depth of 0.3mm or less to maximize the absorption of medical-grade aesthetics, repair pigmentation issues, reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, and can stimulate hair follicles for hair restoration. However, medical microneedling penetrates at a depth of 0.5mm to 1.0mm and tackles wrinkles, acne scarring, surgical and incidental scarring, contouring and lifting, firming lax skin, stretch marks, and texture. It is excellent for use on the body to stimulate natural collagen production and improve the appearance of many skin concerns.

Microneedling produces an inflammatory response that triggers the body’s natural healing response by stimulating collagen production. Collagen is made up of elastic fibers that tighten and smooth the skin from the inside out. As we age, collagen production slows, which is why a microneedling procedure is so beneficial for resurfacing and combating signs of aging.

Are you ready to minimize the appearance of scars, tighten lax skin, and improve overall texture? Schedule an appointment with Dixi’s MediSpa today!


60 Minutes | Price - $300

Face & Neck

90 Minutes | Price - $350

Face + Neck + Chest

90 Minutes | Price - $450

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I see the results after medical microneedling?

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